What are your Top Tips for using Audioboo?

recording into audioboo

We want YOUR top tips for using audioBoo – whether it’s the creative ways you’ve captured the moment using the app, how to leave an engaging post your followers will LOVE or how you’ve promoted your brand or campaign using the platform.

We’ll pull together the best ones in a special audio post.

So how do you do submit your top tips….?

You can just post it right away to our audioBoo official channel here:

Or follow this link and hit record.

Come on, don’t be shy… share your pearls of wisdom with the world!

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3 Responses to “What are your Top Tips for using Audioboo?”

  • My top tip I think is just bee your self. Don’t change the way you are. Relax, have fun. and if you make a mistake, unless it’s a professional boo, don’t flip out, just keep going.

    It does not matter about the quality of the mic that you have. If someone has a hard time understanding you they will let you know, hopefully nicely.

    I love and use audioboo for my promotion of my music and my podcasts as I will sometimes put excepts of my podcasts or my album up there. and give a link to where you can buy more. I sold one album this way and I was very excited.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • Tom Evans says:

    What I like so much about Audioboo are the little gems of features – sadly that don’t get used.

    Like the one where if you comment on a Boo with a Boo, then a mini-player appears so the second Boo can be played within the first – good example here https://audioboo.fm/boos/276022-100-years-of-ermintrude

    And great for cross referral of interviews in my Zone Show podcast where one interviewee mentions another :)

    • Hmm I wish that were accessible to us, like I wish we could record audio boo responses from an audio boo. that way it can cross reference as you state. I wish we can do this from the app as it is not acccessible to us visually impaired users from the site, I don’t think.

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