Translators wanted!

If you’d like to earn yourself a free upgrade to your account, why not join our Translation team?

Audioboo’s app is available in many different languages – we need new semi-regular translators in:

  • Spanish – position taken
  • Portuguese (Europeo o Brasiliero)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Polish

This is an occasional job just to add the odd phrase or change the odd small item when we release a new version (and we have a new version almost ready to go…)

Send us a quick email via if you’d be interested.

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2 Responses to “Translators wanted!”

  • Mohammed Alwahhabi says:

    Your search function does not support Arabic language. If you fix this issue, many people can search and find Arabic boos. There is a good number of Arabic boos. Try to fix it please and I can help if you want to translate your website to Arabic.

    • Susie Warhurst says:

      Hello Mohammed

      In response to your idea, we’ve now updated our search and it should support Arabic. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Audioboo Team

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