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GUEST BLOG – Solihull Sixth Form College

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We, at The Sixth Form College, Solihull, think that Audioboo is a great platform to use in education. We’ve been posting boos online for many years and we do it for two main reasons.

First of all we want to reach prospective students and parents in exciting and engaging ways. Audio clips and podcasts bring education to life in a way that the printed word struggles to achieve. When we have had new courses or enrichment opportunities available to students, a boo has been a great way to promote this to people.

A case in point is the recent boo about our Shakespeare Academy. As a brand new opportunity for students, we know many prospective students may not be familiar with it, but by getting some of our first cohort of students to talk about their experiences on the Academy, we’ve been able to spread the word. Student voices speak to prospective students so much more effectively than staff voices, so we hope this boo will encourage more students to enrol at the College next year.

Secondly, we want to celebrate the successes of our current students. Audioboo particularly lends itself to the celebration of our students’ musical talents. We offer A levels in both Music and Music Technology and students on the latter course compose their own music. Showcasing these compositions recognises the talents of our current students and inspires future students too.

We have been utilising new technology to link to Audioboo this year too. Our current prospectus utilises augmented reality technology, which means that anyone who downloads the Aurasma app to their phone or tablet and follows the College’s channel can scan icons within the prospectus to link to other content. One such icon links to our Principal Podcast, giving prospective students and parents the chance to hear about the philosophy of the College from Principal Paul Ashdown via Audioboo.

We look forward to finding more exciting ways to utilise Audioboo to showcase the College in the future too.

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We’d like to thank the┬áSolihull Sixth Form College for sharing with us some of the awesome ways they’re using Audioboo. Be sure to follow them, sharing their works and achievements here : Solihull Sixth Form College


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