Radio 2 Want Your Folk Songs

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As we countdown to this year’s Radio 2 Folk Awards we’re delighted to be part of a special BBC project celebrating the life and work of folk collector Cecil Sharp - a legend who will soon be inducted into the Folk Awards Hall of Fame.

Sharp, who is often described at the godfather of English traditional music, helped to preserve much of the country’s folk heritage when it was in danger of dying out.

He wrote down more than 1600 tunes or lyrics and his work was a key part of the first 20th century folk ‘revival’.

To celebrate his induction Radio 2 is asking listeners and lovers of folk music to contribute their own recordings to a new 21st century folk collection.

They have handpicked three songs and three tunes from Sharp’s famous collection.  You can download sheet music and lyrics for each song and tune on this page.

How do you do it?

Head to the Radio 2 Folk Awards Channel on AudioBoo and hit record and capture your song live, or simply press upload and submit your pre-recorded track. BBC Radio 2 will be embedding a selection of submissions so make sure they are safe for a family audience. Feel free to email a link to your recording to :

And make sure you tweet your submission using #R2CecilSharp

Thanks and enjoy!

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