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iPhone 5S/iPad Air Beta Testers wanted…

By on Jan 22, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Dear all,

We’re doing SCIENCE again. In 2013, Apple brought out the new A7 64-bit core chipĀ to help processor-hungry apps (such as Audioboo) run faster and more efficiently.

In order to make best use of it, we need to write some new code for the app that uses the turbocharged 64-bit architecture, while making sure anyone on regular 32-bit still gets the best and most efficient code we can deliver.

If you’re an Audioboo fan and own one of these:

– iPhone 5S
- iPad Air
– iPad Mini (2nd generation with Retina Display only – made after October 2013)

…please let us know and we’ll sign you up for the 64-bit beta. It’s a very easy process and you could earn extra recording minutes for any bugs you report.

Sign up by tweeting @AudiobooSupport (and follow us so we can DM you with details).



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