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GUEST BLOG: Action for Blind People Christmas Card Competition

By on Dec 6, 2013 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

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Shaf Mansour, Digital Media Officer at Action for Blind People tells us on how they used Audioboo for an innovative and accessible Christmas card campaign:


One of the challenges we face as a charity for people who are blind and partially sighted is ensuring that all the material we use, whether in print, or online, is accessible. This can be particularly difficult when dealing with media such as video content and images.

This year, for the second year running, we held a competition where young people from our Actionnaires clubs from around the country were invited to design a Christmas card. The top design is being printed and sent to our 50,000 donors as a thank you for their support.

As the designs started to arrive at our head office in London, we could tell that it was going to be a difficult competition to judge due to the quality and talent displayed through many of the drawings. We felt that it would be unfair and a shame if only the winning designs were to be made public. This inspired us to begin thinking about how we could display these designs somewhere everyone could access and appreciate them.


We already had an AudioBoo account that we’d used for a couple of bits here and there, but not in this way. As I investigated further I noticed that AudioBoo has a function to set up a board in a similar way to Pinterest. This meant that we could display the artwork as galleries on both platforms. AudioBoo had the added bonuses of being both tried and tested for accessibility, and from a user journey perspective, meant that there was a play button directly underneath each drawing – so there was no need to click from one website to another.


For us this was a significant breakthrough. For so long initiatives involving images have caused us headaches due to their nature of being inaccessible for people who are blind and partially sighted. We are now extremely excited about the opportunities this presents where we can display all the arts and crafts that children who are blind and partially sighted create at our Actionnaires events, all year round.


As Digital Media Officer at Action for Blind People, this presents exciting opportunities for us to be creative in the way we communicate with our supporters and beneficiaries, hopefully providing interesting and innovative ways in which we can engage in dialogue. I hope that this project will provide some inspiration for anyone else facing similar dilemmas on how to display images where accessibility has been an obstacle.

- Shaf Mansour, Digital Media Officer at Action for Blind People Visit the Action website:

Here’s the board of Christmas Cards and a few of the wonderful Christmas Card designs:

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