Audioboo regenerates for iOS7…

Dear all,

Today sees the launch of our new Audioboo app for iOS devices… all of them, in fact.

Our new app combines the reliability of Audioboo Classic with the new features of Audioboo 2, and wraps it all in an iOS7-friendly format.

It also has:

  • recording quality tweaks
  • simpler sharing and favouriting
  • improved VoiceOver support

There’s a couple of things to note:

  • This app works natively on iPhones/iPods AND iPads – so whatever you’re working with, you should get the full range of features.
  • It works equally well under iOS6 (so while it’s much prettier on iOS7, if you’re sticking with 6 for a bit we’ll still support you).
  • All channels you can record to now come with both Follow and Contribute (i.e.: Record) buttons.
  • If you’re a Channel Admin or named Contributor,you can now jump straight to your Channels from the Drawer UI and hit Contribute, or use the drop down at the top of the Record screen.
  • All users of Audioboo Classic should get an Update through the AppStore in the normal way.
  • Audioboo 2 and Audioboo for iPad have now been retired. We’re going to send a notification to users of AB2 and iPad later this week so that they can change over. So as of now, we’ve got one app to rule them all. (If you want to change over now, click here. Make sure you upload any queued clips first.)
  • We will be working on an equivalent Android upgrade when we can.

if you have any issues, tweet me @AudiobooSupport (or for anything that doesn’t fit into 140 characters, hit the Forums at

All the best – and hope you enjoy the new app.


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