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A word about iOS7, new apps and more

By on Oct 3, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Just a quick word from the team here. Audioboo is still going from strength to strength and we’re getting on with a whole range of new opportunities.

We’re working busily to release an update to Audioboo for iOS7, including a brand-new interface, and many of the great features we tested in Audioboo 2. As with all iOS developers, iOS7 has changed the way we work with a few things on Apple. And there’s something we’d like to draw your attention to.

Recording in iOS7 now has a Privacy setting associated with it. When you launch for the first time under iOS7, you should get a request for access to your microphone.

If you don’t allow this, it may look like you’ve successfully recorded and uploaded a clip. But it won’t actually appear on your account, as all that gets sent to us is a zero-second file.

If you encounter this problem, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone and allow Audioboo to record. After that, everything should be fine. Our new app update should include a detect-and-catch for this when you try to activate recording.

We’re also announcing the newest member of the Audioboo family this week: Audioboo for BlackBerry 10. It does all the things our other Audioboos do, plus has all the new BB10 native features like instant sharing, peeking and much more.

Stay tuned – we’ll have more news for you soon…


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