Febooary Questions for the rest of the month

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As you may know, February on Audioboo is FeBOOary! We’re encouraging our users to Boo every day on different topics Freedom Day USA

Starting from Day 8

8: Nirvana Day.  How do you find Inner Peace?

9: 1969 saw the first test flight of the Boeing 747. Do you travel further than your parents did?

10: Chinese New Year.   What animal are you?

11: Inventors Day, What do you think is the best invention?

12: Darwin Day.  Do you believe in evolution?

13: World Radio Day. Have you ever been on the Radio?

14: St Valentines: Do you celebrate or are you a cynic?

15: It’s the creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening, Birthday. What do you think of modern cartoons?

16: It’s John Mac Enroe Birthday famously known for his tantrums on court. Do you know someone who needs anger management?

17:Arab Spring: A lot of news is spread by using social media. Do you think Social Media can change the world? 

18: Space Shuttle Enterprise: Would you like to go into space when Richard Brandson starts commercial flights?

19: Author of Bridget Jones Diary Helen Fielding’s birthday, What is your greatest dating disaster?

20: World Day of Social Justice: Are humans rights being eroded?

21: Watergate Scandal: The scandal was broken by the Journalists from the Washington Post. Do you think in this day and age Journalist are given the respect they deserve?

 22: Boy scout day. Were you a part of any organisation as child?

23: John Keats, English poet died. What is your favourite poem?

24: Steve Jobs born. Have Apple products changed your life?

25: Comedian Lee Evans was born. Who do you think is a really funny person? 

26: Victor Hugo, French writer of Les Miserables. Have you seen the film or show. Do you prefer the book or the film?

27: The British Labour Party is founded. Are you a political person or does it all go over your head?

28: How was your febooary and what are your plans for March?

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