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RAJAR Figures – January 2013

By on Jan 31, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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A note on the RAJAR figures, from our Head of Content, Amanda Brown.

We love listening at Audioboo and, being a touch techy, we like analytics as much as the next geek. So, we were excited to discover that some of our content partners at the BBC have done particularly well in this quarters RAJARS:

The World at One on BBC Radio 4 (Click here for their Audioboo Channel!) recorded over 3.5 million listeners.

More listening online and on mobile

Audioboo have now clocked up over a million registered users, marking the trend for more listeners moving to digital platforms.

RAJAR notes that, “listening online has recorded an increase of 43% year on year”. Digital listening has gained 43 million more users, up to 343 million in total.

In fact, listening online is increasing much faster than listening on digital television (listening online is up 43% in the last quarter, listening on digital television is up 16% in the last quarter)

Listening on mobile is up 28% year on year… That must be all those people listening to Audioboo via our lovely new site or links from Twitter and Facebook ;)

Don’t forget, we want to put more great content out there for you, including podcasts and community radio. Get in touch via Twitter or e-mail for more info and extra minutes.

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