Michael Faraday School’s use of Audioboo in learning is electrifying

So we all know that Audioboo is fun to use – to share your thoughts, to capture a moment – or to have a bit of a rant – but did you know that it’s currently being piloted right now in schools as a tool to improve literacy and vocabulary?

One such school is the Michael Faraday School in South London, where teachers Jason Cobb and Gabrielle Khan have been working with their year 3s and 6s – and already the results are obvious.

Here’s Gabrielle speaking about the project:

They first recorded the children speaking – there was never any pressure on them to be brilliant and clear, just to be themselves.

Next the children made mind maps to help guide them for the next stage, they were only to used as a prompt.

And then the children were recorded again. Jason tells us that they weren’t quite prepared for what happened next.

After listening back to themselves a couple of times, and after their teacher giving them pointers on their actual speech, they found the following…

  1. Children self-correcting pronunciation of words.
  2. Children speaking  more confidently  and audibly.
  3. Children altering their speech to suit the audience and purpose i.e. using more formal language rather than slang.
  4. Talk well structured with detailed and developed sections.
  5. Links made between sections leading the listener on a seamless journey.
  6. Varied sentence openers used for effect and to avoid repetition.
  7. Details, reasons and description used to interest the listeners and paint a picture in their heads.
  8. Clear openings and closings signalled

And what’s more – it’s even possible to hear this clear improvement! Check out the following two Boos:

And here’s what the Headmistress Karen Fowler had to say about it all:

What a lovely way to end 2012. We’re currently working with the Michael Faraday School and many other education partners to develop our offering for schools and learning!  So we’ve got all of that to look forward to in 2013!

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