12/12/12 at 12:00

Following hot on the heels of AudioMo is another new initiative from one of the members of our community. Next month RJNet wants you to Boo – on the 12th December at 12pm – that’s 12/12/12. Here’s how he describes what he wants our users to do:

At midday on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the third millennium the world will pause to take Time to Understand.

Beginning in the Pacific, and continuing across Australasia and the Indian Ocean, tracking across Asia, Africa and Europe, crossing the Atlantic and reaching North and South America before ending once more in the ocean; as the sun reaches its zenith in every corner of the World people everywhere will be making their mark in the biggest audio snapshot of a single day.

Some will stop and stand where they are to record the sounds of a buzzing city, a babbling brook, church bells tolling the hour, children playing or animals calling; others will use the moment to greet the world, to introduce themselves their life, their town or village, the issues close to their heart or their message for the worldwide community.

Audioboo is a disperate community of people, separated by artificial boundaries, by different accents, climates or ways of life – but brought together by a love of sharing sound, of telling tales, of celebrating difference and embracing similarity. The Audioboo community is today reaching out the Global Community, encouraging people everywhere, whoever they are, whatever they think, or what they do, to join together, to speak as one, to take Time to Understand.

Taking part is easy and requires little more than a clock, a means of recording sound and a connection to the World Wide Web.

So, will you be there with smartphone or recorder in hand, at the stroke of midday on 12/12/12? Will you be ready to make your mark in the greatest audio snapshot of life on Earth? Will you be ready to take time to convey your life, time to impart knowledge or say your piece, time to make your mark and to be heard – will you be ready to take Time to Understand?

So why not get involved?!

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