Audioboo For Android interim release

For the last few months, we’ve been busily re-developing our apps to bring in many new features.

But given the recent issues some users have experienced with the old Android beta app, we have created a new, interim stable version that gets our Android users up and running again.

What it is: this release features a stripped down, much more Android friendly interface, with many features overhauled, streamlined and cleaned up.

What it is notthis is not the finished application. This is a temporary release to help Android users get back on track, before our next full release comes out in a few weeks’ time.

How to get it: You can access the new app on the Play Store at:

Please completely remove any previous Audioboo applications from your device before you install. 

How to get support: please let us know about any issues via

If you have problems, please let us know:

  • what device you’re using (e.g.: Galaxy S5)
  • what version of Android you’re using (this can usually be found under Settings > About as “Version Information”)
  • as much information as possible about the issue you’re experiencing

Thanks once again for using Audioboo.

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Oxfam is making a ‘song and dance’ about poverty…

Make sweet music with Oxfam and Eclectic Method

Here at audioBoo HQ we love a bit of noise – so when Oxfam approached us about a noisy idea to make a song and dance during this year’s festival season our little ears pricked up.

So what is Oxfam’s Song and Dance all about then?

Well, Oxfam is giving people the chance to record a track with stars from the music world and those that get involved will be part of a movement of change.

According to Oxfam the 85 richest people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population - the gap between rich and poor is growing.

Oxfam believe this is wrong, and will be teaming up with some of the most current names in the music industry, to produce a music track using the public’s collective voice to ensure leaders listen – and act.

Glastonbury launch

So starting at Glastonbury talent scouts will roam about the festivals recording sounds – festival-goers can choose their instrument; sing a note, clap, or skit. The Oxfam marquee will provide the stage; people can stretch their vocal cords in the charity’s virtual studio, and bust a move on camera which could form part of the exclusive music video.

As the festival season closes, the fantastic audio-visual remix act, Eclectic Method will be splicing it all together into an amazing crowd-sourced, mash up festival track to be show cased by Oxfam in the hope to really make a song and dance about poverty. 

Phone your noise in

Here’s the clever thing though, you don’t have to be at a festival to get involved, just call 0203 515 9126 and leave a noise or a simple sound on Oxfam’s audioBoo voice mail. Make sure you fill in your details, because you’ll get a name credit on the song.

Here’s an example to get you going….

This campaign is music to our ears  - so get involved now guys!

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The Open University reaches new ears with audioBoo

Open University content has opened up to a much wider audience across the globe, thanks to new innovations launched this week.

This means that content – including popular OU books and OU course material on subjects from learning Latin to understanding the Galaxies can be viewed and shared on a variety of digital channels.

As part of this, The Open University has also chosen audioBoo to host some 900+ pieces of Open University audio content. They say

“Being an open platform, this means that content previously only available on iTunes U is now available to all in a searchable, embeddable format. The content can also be listened to on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices allowing us to broaden accessibility and reach a wider international audience.”

We’re delighted to have them on board.

You can browse all their audio content by subject here:

They’ve grouped their content into some fascinating playlists, visible on each subject channel. Here’s a few of our favourites:




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Get involved in AudioMo 2014

This June is AudioMo – a month long audio challenge for everyone to get involved in.

All you do is record audio every day during the month. Tweet the link to that audio and add the #AudioMo hashtag.

The challenge is freeform, so you can record about absolutely anything! You decide what your AudioMo is about, from the sounds in your garden to your daily thoughts.

Yep it really is that simple.

Check out some of the latest posts from #AudioMo here -


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South Sudan Crisis Appeal


Oxfam have launched their South Sudan Crisis Appeal reaching out to the people who have been affected and are in desperate need of help.

Through launching this appeal, Oxfam have been documenting their progress and are keen on sharing this to spread awareness and to help the people of South Sudan

Here they’ve shared some of their posts on the South Sudan Crisis Appeal

With helping 170,000 people already, by donating to South Sudan you could help make a difference.

Visit the website here to make a donation or text DONATE to 70066 to give £5 to the Oxfam South Sudan appeal.

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What are your Top Tips for using Audioboo?

recording into audioboo

We want YOUR top tips for using audioBoo – whether it’s the creative ways you’ve captured the moment using the app, how to leave an engaging post your followers will LOVE or how you’ve promoted your brand or campaign using the platform.

We’ll pull together the best ones in a special audio post.

So how do you do submit your top tips….?

You can just post it right away to our audioBoo official channel here:

Or follow this link and hit record.

Come on, don’t be shy… share your pearls of wisdom with the world!

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We’re hiring! Digital marketing whizz wanted…

Job Posting Title:
Digital Marketing Executive

About Us:

Audioboo is an audio social media platform for professionals and consumers alike. We believe that voice communicates so much more than text and is much more mobile than video. People listen to audio from our 12 million users from around the world – as well as picking up the best in audio news, views and entertainment from our worldwide channel partners. Schools, universities, activists and enthusiasts use Audioboo for podcasting and sharing information on just about every topic. The company is based in London with offices in New York and Australia.

For more information visit

Job Description:

Audioboo is hiring a Digital Marketing Executive to promote Audioboo using digital media, engage with users, non-users and content partners and manage a team of two marketing assistants. You will also have responsibility for managing a marketing assistant in New York and one in Sydney.

The role will require using other social platforms to get users engaged with audio on Audioboo. The main drive in the initial stages of the job will be to contact prominent bloggers, Tweeters and other social media users within the categories of news, current affairs, music and entertainment and sports. The aim is to encourage them to embed clips using Audioboo content and embed software to get more listens and higher brand awareness.

Beyond this, you will be delegating and overseeing community management of Audioboo on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other social sites.

We are looking for someone who uses social media creatively in conjunction with sound. We use Storify, BuzzFeed and ThingLink amongst others.

Essential Skills and Qualifications:

At least 5 years experience in digital marketing
A good basic grounding, including a qualification, in traditional marketing
A strong Twitter following – and good engagement on Twitter
The proven ability to manage a team
A demonstrable understanding of radio, news gathering and audio platforms
Excellent written and verbal skills

Preferred Skills:

Fluent in Spanish
Background in journalism
Current Affairs, Sports and Entertainment knowledge base

Preferred Qualifications:

A bachelors degree or higher qualification in marketing

Competitive salary and relevant to experience

Application Procedures:
Submit a short cover letter full of enthusiasm and demonstrating your understanding of our platform plus your CV and your LinkedIN profile. Email to jobs


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Translators wanted!

If you’d like to earn yourself a free upgrade to your account, why not join our Translation team?

Audioboo’s app is available in many different languages – we need new semi-regular translators in:

  • Spanish – position taken
  • Portuguese (Europeo o Brasiliero)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Polish

This is an occasional job just to add the odd phrase or change the odd small item when we release a new version (and we have a new version almost ready to go…)

Send us a quick email via if you’d be interested.

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GUEST BLOG – Solihull Sixth Form College


We, at The Sixth Form College, Solihull, think that Audioboo is a great platform to use in education. We’ve been posting boos online for many years and we do it for two main reasons.

First of all we want to reach prospective students and parents in exciting and engaging ways. Audio clips and podcasts bring education to life in a way that the printed word struggles to achieve. When we have had new courses or enrichment opportunities available to students, a boo has been a great way to promote this to people.

A case in point is the recent boo about our Shakespeare Academy. As a brand new opportunity for students, we know many prospective students may not be familiar with it, but by getting some of our first cohort of students to talk about their experiences on the Academy, we’ve been able to spread the word. Student voices speak to prospective students so much more effectively than staff voices, so we hope this boo will encourage more students to enrol at the College next year.

Secondly, we want to celebrate the successes of our current students. Audioboo particularly lends itself to the celebration of our students’ musical talents. We offer A levels in both Music and Music Technology and students on the latter course compose their own music. Showcasing these compositions recognises the talents of our current students and inspires future students too.

We have been utilising new technology to link to Audioboo this year too. Our current prospectus utilises augmented reality technology, which means that anyone who downloads the Aurasma app to their phone or tablet and follows the College’s channel can scan icons within the prospectus to link to other content. One such icon links to our Principal Podcast, giving prospective students and parents the chance to hear about the philosophy of the College from Principal Paul Ashdown via Audioboo.

We look forward to finding more exciting ways to utilise Audioboo to showcase the College in the future too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 15.40.44

We’d like to thank the Solihull Sixth Form College for sharing with us some of the awesome ways they’re using Audioboo. Be sure to follow them, sharing their works and achievements here : Solihull Sixth Form College


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Unsigned? We want to hear from you !

Are you part of a band and based in Dorset?

If so, then we are really excited to announce that The Bournemouth Daily Echo have chosen to partner up with us for a brand new competition that could kick-start your band’s career onto the big stage!

The Bournemouth Daily Echo want your music submissions, which will then be judged and could win you a write up in the Daily Echo & on their official website.

To enter the competition, it’s simple… Head to the Bournemouth Daily Echo channel, hit upload, pop in your track, enter a short band biography along with a picture.

There is another way, if you’re feeling really brave, and that is to press record and play your track live.

The campaign is in its early stages, but already the feedback has been great, with The Bournemouth Daily Echo itself saying:

“We’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far – over 20 tracks submitted and we haven’t even had our official launch yet! Audioboo suited us perfectly as we could moderate tracks that were coming in to ensure the submissions were from bands within our area”

Good Luck, we’re looking forward to hearing the entries and The Audioboo Music team will be promoting the best ones.

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