Translators wanted!

If you’d like to earn yourself a free upgrade to your account, why not join our Translation team?

Audioboo’s app is available in many different languages – we need new semi-regular translators in:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Europeo o Brasiliero)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Polish

This is an occasional job just to add the odd phrase or change the odd small item when we release a new version (and we have a new version almost ready to go…)

Send us a quick email via if you’d be interested.

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GUEST BLOG – Solihull Sixth Form College


We, at The Sixth Form College, Solihull, think that Audioboo is a great platform to use in education. We’ve been posting boos online for many years and we do it for two main reasons.

First of all we want to reach prospective students and parents in exciting and engaging ways. Audio clips and podcasts bring education to life in a way that the printed word struggles to achieve. When we have had new courses or enrichment opportunities available to students, a boo has been a great way to promote this to people.

A case in point is the recent boo about our Shakespeare Academy. As a brand new opportunity for students, we know many prospective students may not be familiar with it, but by getting some of our first cohort of students to talk about their experiences on the Academy, we’ve been able to spread the word. Student voices speak to prospective students so much more effectively than staff voices, so we hope this boo will encourage more students to enrol at the College next year.

Secondly, we want to celebrate the successes of our current students. Audioboo particularly lends itself to the celebration of our students’ musical talents. We offer A levels in both Music and Music Technology and students on the latter course compose their own music. Showcasing these compositions recognises the talents of our current students and inspires future students too.

We have been utilising new technology to link to Audioboo this year too. Our current prospectus utilises augmented reality technology, which means that anyone who downloads the Aurasma app to their phone or tablet and follows the College’s channel can scan icons within the prospectus to link to other content. One such icon links to our Principal Podcast, giving prospective students and parents the chance to hear about the philosophy of the College from Principal Paul Ashdown via Audioboo.

We look forward to finding more exciting ways to utilise Audioboo to showcase the College in the future too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 15.40.44

We’d like to thank the Solihull Sixth Form College for sharing with us some of the awesome ways they’re using Audioboo. Be sure to follow them, sharing their works and achievements here : Solihull Sixth Form College


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Unsigned? We want to hear from you !

Are you part of a band and based in Dorset?

If so, then we are really excited to announce that The Bournemouth Daily Echo have chosen to partner up with us for a brand new competition that could kick-start your band’s career onto the big stage!

The Bournemouth Daily Echo want your music submissions, which will then be judged and could win you a write up in the Daily Echo & on their official website.

To enter the competition, it’s simple… Head to the Bournemouth Daily Echo channel, hit upload, pop in your track, enter a short band biography along with a picture.

There is another way, if you’re feeling really brave, and that is to press record and play your track live.

The campaign is in its early stages, but already the feedback has been great, with The Bournemouth Daily Echo itself saying:

“We’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far – over 20 tracks submitted and we haven’t even had our official launch yet! Audioboo suited us perfectly as we could moderate tracks that were coming in to ensure the submissions were from bands within our area”

Good Luck, we’re looking forward to hearing the entries and The Audioboo Music team will be promoting the best ones.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

This Sunday, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, the time of year to show your appreciation for your Mother!

Get ready to buy the flowers and get out the chocolates!

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite audioBoo’s inspired by Mother’s Day, ranging from Mother’s Day meditations to Mother’s Day messages!

Check it out and tell us which one is your favourite!


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More minutes – no catches, no deleting.

We’ve been looking a lot at the way people use Audioboo over the last year. Our way of doing things – letting people record as many clips as they like, so you never need to delete a thing – has always worked well…

But we think we can do more.

While three minutes is great for something short and snappy like an audio blog or a message, it often isn’t quite enough for an interview or a class project. And for Plus podcasters, half an hour might not be quite enough to pack everything you want into a show.

So… we’ve increased the limits.

No catches, no forced interstitial ads, no endless demands for personal information, Likes or micropayments, no cooldown timers or energy bars.
Just more time to share your voice.

If you were previously a Free 3 or 5 minute account holder, you should now be able to record 10 minutes per clip.

If you were previously a paid Plus or Pro 30 minute account holder, you should now have 60 minutes per clip.

If you have any other allowance – from promotions for example – these will be boosted to the next appropriate level. (e.g: 6 minutes becomes 10 minutes, 32 minutes becomes 60 minutes).

We also have a lot more new stuff coming your way over the next few months. So stay tuned – and thanks for being part of Audioboo.

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WE’RE HIRING:Backend Developer

Audioboo is seeking an experienced backend engineer for a major
expansion programme. Audioboo is a well established audio platform for major news organisations, sports teams, broadcasters and audio bloggers worldwide.

Keeping on top of the sheer volume of data and keeping our systems running smoothly is a serious job.

Please note this is a heavily technical role - not a management or front-end design role - and will be focused on:

  • delivering excellent reliability and uptime, maintenance, and improving daily operation
  •  expanding our capabilities based on management and application requirements
  • delivering usage statistics and integrating statistics management systems
  • supporting long-term objectives for ourselves and our major commercial partners like the BBC, Guardian, Southern Cross Austereo and dozens of other major broadcasters worldwide

Required Skills/Experience

  • Ruby
  • Linux administration
  • MySQL administration and query optimization
  • Storing & querying large amounts of stats
  • Working with Amazon Web Services

Desirable Skills/Experience

  • Network systems design and maintenance (server structure, load balancing, etc)
  • System configuration management – eg Chef or Puppet
  • SmartOS and/or Solaris administration
  • Continuous integration & TDD
  • Git
  • Google Analytics API - custom coding will be required
  • Payment systems (Stripe, SagePay)
  • Microsoft Azure, particularly Blob Storage and server creation
  • HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, HAML
  • Flash

Please write to with your CV. Please include your GitHub account name if you have one or examples or relevant previous work.

No agencies. (We already have arrangements in place for agency search.)

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Record a poem for World Poetry Day

To mark World Poetry Day, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport wants to hear YOU record your favourite First World War poem with Audioboo – in tribute to those who served.

The Culture Secretary has recorded ‘Mametz Wood’ by contemporary Welsh poet Owen Sheers, and is also joined by Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, Baroness Shirley Williams, historian Mary Beard, actor Christopher Timothy and Poems on the Underground founder Judith Chernaik, who have also lent their voices to the online memorial.

You can hear their recordings here:

Get involved:

To take part, get on audioBoo, record yourself reading your favourite First World War poem and tweet @DCMS with a link to the recording using #WW1poetry. They’ll have a listen, share it across their channels and add it to their Storify. Alternatively, just tweet them the name of your favourite poem with the same hash tag. Let’s get as many people as possible talking about First World War poetry on World Poetry Day.

For more, click here

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BBC 24 Hour Commonwealth Challenge

Thank you for joining in with the BBC 24 Hour Commonwealth Challenge.

We collected dozens of voice samples from around the world, which will help deliver the Commonwealth Voices radio station idents during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and also help radio students learn about how to create amazing audio.


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We’re pleased to welcome the VI Talk channel to Audioboo, member of the team Jo Fishwisk has written a blog post giving a little info on the new channel.

VI Talk is a new channel, which you will find in the community section from 28th February 2014.

It has come about because of the work that Jo Fishwick and Michael Allen have done for Svopa (St. Vincent’s old pupils association.)

VI Talk is aimed at anyone with a visual impairment, anyone who knows someone visually impaired or anybody who has connections with an organisation or group that offers services or support to visually impaired people.

We want to create a place where people can share ideas, information and support.  Where friendships can be made, questions asked and hopefully answers found.

We feel that communication is key and thanks to Audio Boo we can do this by using the spoken word.

Check out their channel here! –

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AudioBoo is supporting the Oxfam Mother Appeal… can too


AudioBoo is proud to announce that we are supporting Oxfam’s Mother Appeal this month, giving mothers across the globe the lift they need to use their power to change the future.

The appeal, which runs until the end of March, hopes to raise over £10 million for Oxfam’s vital work and, thanks to the UK government, every pound raised will be doubled (up to a total value raised of £5 million).

So, this year why not go the EXTRA mile to show your appreciation by sharing with everyone what makes YOUR own mum so great?

To get involved all you need to do is record an audio message explaining why your Mum is special and post it on the Oxfam channel here

You can also phone 0203 5159126 and leave a phone message – so no excuses.

Remember to spread the word and tell all your friends and family to do the same – mums will love it.

Oxfam will be featuring some of the best messages across their social media platforms on March 7th.

In the meantime check out an Audioboo from Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright, who is supporting the Oxfam appeal.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.58.03 Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.14.43


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